Pilot Sponsorship

It is becoming more and more expensive for aspiring pilots to become qualified. More and more airlines are requiring type ratings to be paid for, sometimes costing around £30,000 on top of the original training courses. ASM is proud to have connections with some companies who are prepared to invest in their future pilots’ training and ASM is happy to recommend the ‘right’ pilots to these companies. Additionally, ASM can offer coaching in interview technique, aptitude testing and CV writing and presentation.

CV appraisal and Preparation

Let ASM review your CV. We can advise, recommend or even commend your present CV but if it’s not opening doors for you, we can help. We can even write your CV for you. If you need help in this area, let us know.

Flight Simulator Pleasure Flights

This may not be the career for you but you may have wondered how difficult it is to learn to fly without leaving the ground. ASM offers a one hour simulator experience in a light twin engine ‘aircraft’ with full visual display. These flights are available once a month include a full pre-flight briefing, 30 minutes ‘airborne’ and debriefing.